Enrico A. Deiana

I am a Software Engineer at Google, working on systems for performance evaluation.

I have a PhD in Computer Science from Northwestern University, where I was advised by Prof. Simone Campanoni. My research focused on compilers for nondeterministic programs and related tools. Before that I worked as a research assistant on the shell language interpreter of Ethos, a security-oriented OS developed by Prof. Jon Solworth at University of Illinois at Chicago. During my time at Politecnico di Milano (Italy) I worked on heterogeneous computer architectures, specifically FPGA, with Prof. Marco Santambrogio.





Program State Element Characterization. CGO 2023
E. A. Deiana, B. Suchy, M. Wilkins, B. Homerding, T. McMichen, K. Dunajewski, P. Dinda, N. Hardavellas, S. Campanoni.

WARDen: Specializing Cache Coherence for High-Level Parallel Languages. CGO 2023
M. Wilkins, S. Westrick, V. Kandiah, A. Bernat, B. Suchy, E. A. Deiana, S. Campanoni, U. A. Acar, P. Dinda, N. Hardavellas.

NOELLE Offers Empowering LLVM Extensions. CGO 2022
A. Matni, E. A. Deiana, Y. Su, L. Gross, S. Ghosh, S. Apostolakis, Z. Xu, Z. Tan, I. Chaturvedi, B. Homerding, T. McMichen, D. I. August, S. Campanoni.

Workload Characterization of Nondeterministic Programs Parallelized by STATS. ISPASS 2019
E. A. Deiana, S. Campanoni.

Unconventional Parallelization of Nondeterministic Applications. ASPLOS 2018
E. A. Deiana, V. St-Amour, P. Dinda, N. Hardavellas, S. Campanoni.

POSTER: The Liberation Day of Nondeterministic Programs. PACT 2017
E. A. Deiana, V. St-Amour, P. Dinda, N. Hardavellas, S. Campanoni.

A Multiobjective Reconfiguration-Aware Scheduler for FPGA-Based Heterogeneous Architectures. ReConFig 2015
E. A. Deiana, M. Rabozzi, R. Cattaneo, M. D. Santambrogio.


Winter 2019, Teaching Assistant of  COMP_SCI 322 Compiler Construction (Instructor: Prof. Simone Campanoni)

Spring 2018, Teaching Assistant of COMP_SCI 322 Compiler Construction (Instructor: Prof. Simone Campanoni)

Fall 2017, Teaching Assistant of COMP_SCI 323 Code Analysis and Transformation (Instructor: Prof. Simone Campanoni)

Fall 2016, Teaching Assistant of COMP_SCI 101 Computer Science: Concepts, Philosophy, and Connections (Instructor: Prof. Jason Hartline)